Pantoprazole Side Effects Long Term

Pantoprazole is a prescription only medication for treating stomach ulcers and hyperacidity in humans. However, despite being sold as a prescription-only drug, most people have easily found it easy to access from friends and pharmacists.

What are all the Pantoprazole side effects long term

There are associated problems that come along with taking any form of drug without the consent of a doctor or pharmacist and pantoprazole is no

exception. People have different reaction to drugs and while some may be mistaken for side effects, some reactions are actually very normal. Pantoprazole side effects long term are a cause for concern for most people but the best part is that most of them are mild and are not supposed to hinder anybody from their daily activities.


Common side effects of Pantoprazole

Most of the known side effects of pantoprazole manifest themselves as mild as opposed to extreme even though it has to be said that it depends on a number of factors for instance;

  • High state of individual like pregnancy, asthma, diabetic, etc
  • Other drugs being taken at the same time
  • Known allergies
  • Age

To this effect, for good management of pantoprazole side effects long term, it is only the best idea to discuss with your pharmacist regarding the above. Confidentiality must always be ensured before administration of pantoprazole because it does not go well with some drugs and situations. Pregnant mothers for example must not take this medication unless after consultations with the practitioner. Diabetes under drugs must also inform their doctors before taking these drugs.

Dos and don’ts

As said above, pantoprazole is a prescription-only drug and therefore must be handled with care. The following factors must always be put into consideration when it comes to this drug;

  • Do not pass drugs to other individuals just because they show similar symptoms as yours
  • Do not cease taking drugs without the consent of your pharmacist or doctor
  • Always ensure that you have finished your full dosage as administered by your pharmacist
  • Should you fail to take drugs as prescribed, inform your doctor to make any arrangements for change if necessary
  • Store drugs in the right way and take them as advised
  • Buy drugs only from recognized pharmacists
  • Inform your doctor of pharmacist if anything unusual occurs

Some of the known pantoprazole side effects long term include;

  • The body might develop difficulties in absorbing vitamin B12 after a certain period of uptake
  • Some people may develop abnormal liver functioning
  • Recurring abdominal pains
  • Some people may also get frequent nausea
  • A small number of drug users may get hip fractures
  • Frequent headaches

Again, depending on individuals, some people will exhibit different characteristics some of which have never been put to book. Continued research has however shown that most of the known pantoprazole side effects long term are actually mild and manageable. Special emphasis is put on people exhibiting some peculiar behaviors after taking pantoprazole to report immediately to their pharmacists for professional advice which also provides the scientists with more information on long term side effects of pantoprazole.

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